Tough Day

You never know when the love of your life may no longer be just that …. people say and do things when they are in pain, sick, stressed or just in a bad mood — the question is when is enough enough – when is it really time to let go…..

Week’s end

…. thank goodness for Friday – feeling badly today i think weather related. Had 3 different appts this week that I rescheduled – one for today was for Chaseys grooming – I just feel bad so achy to go out. It’s raining and yucky.

Going to try to get some summer shirts out tomorrow and see if they fit since I’ve gained liked 10 lbs since then. And I have a bunch of sweaters that don’t fit me anymore – I’m so devastated but I am pretty sure it’s medication related and maybe even hormones.

Well hope everyone is ok – be safe and good vibes to you !

Chronic Pain

Well I had a moderate pain day – having elbow bursitis or maybe cubital tunnel syndrome – I also have RA, fibromyalgia, small fiber neuropathy and the other anxiety / depression symptoms – and when I start to feel badly my anxiety gets worse and I get scared etc. Just getting ready to take a nap and see how that helps.


Well, I missed two big appointments this week because of my anxiety and couldn’t go.  I work from home and then when it’s time for my appts – it’s like my mind and body just freeze and I start thinking of EVERY possible excuse there is that would allow me to stay home.  And I succeeded once again.

Happy Soul:

Do I have a happy soul – yes I do! Do I have bad inner demons – yes – every single day. I have severe anxiety, with mild agoraphobia, depression, unresolved grief, chronic pain syndrome, fibromyalgia and RA, and I struggle with all of these everyday.